Top 2 Ways To Lose Weight

If you Really, really want to lose weight, You’ll need to do these 2 steps. Most people only follow 1 of these. If you are frustrated with Your Weight loss efforts then I can Assure you, if You read this article, You’ll feel why results are not what you were expecting.
Lets start with overview of How you can lose weight. You should know the basic formula of losing weight. It’s Diet + Exercise. Right… But this is only Half of the story. I am also surprised how most experts forgets about the other half of this puzzle. I infact haven’t found anyone else preaching what I am about to tell you.
Diets and exercise is necessary to lose weight. You might have read lots of article how You need to boost your metabolism to lose weight. In fact It is the truth. You should always design the Routine format which elevates your Metabolism even when you are not working out.
So Lets get on with Top 2 Ways.
1. Exercise : With a Twist. This is a no brainer thing, you know it, right? It doesn’t matter what kind of diet you follow or How motivated are you, If you really want to put your weight loss efforts into overdrive. You need to Exercise. Exercise will elevate your metabolism and Help you lose weight faster.
But here is the kicker. You are still doing exercises the wrong way. Even I used to preach cardio + strength training methods to lose weight. And they Do work. But When I found much better methods I was astounded by the results I was getting with my clients. This method is very common in Martial arts circle.
It is like jacked up, High Power HIIT(high intensity Interval training). This method is very simple Yet difficult to do. Let me give you overview of this method. You’ll only workout 20 seconds and then 10 seconds rest. and Repeat this for eight times. You’ll be done within 5 minutes.
If you think this is easy, Please try it. I suggest you try it with Skipping. You’ll be amazed how this 4 minute routine can do for you. After just 6 weeks of testing, a 28% increase in anaerobic capacity along with a 14% increase in V02Max is found in trainees.
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2. Cleanse : If your goal is to look young, feel vibrant and energetic, then this is the way to go. This is not exactly a secret for common man. If you are not following a cleanse method with Exercise and good nutrition, You are setting up yourself for bad results. Seriously whenever I have introduced Cleanse methods in my clients routine, Their results almost doubled with the same amount of efforts.
But the kind of cleanse methods which are popular, they expect you to follow certain plans for 28 or more days. These methods doesn’t gell with our exercise routines and Proper Diet. If you are active with my exercises methods, then You might feel lethargic and tired while following cleansing diets.
So I always advice to do cleanse on daily basis for the rest of your life. Can You guess how much time it takes? About 5 minutes… That’s it. Its not only easy to follow, but also result oriented. You’ll notice the difference by just following my cleanse method.
But the thing is Its so much hyped by experts that people try NOT to do. There are methods and diets which’ll help you cleanse in like 30 days or so… It’s All well and good but What will do after the cleanse?
Do you again let your body build up waste matter and toxins? That’s Why I am asking you to do cleaning on daily basis. There are 2 basic methods that I teach. One is 3 day cleanse which eliminates most of toxins from your body. Second is Everyday Cleanse, This method helps you get rid of all the waste matter on everyday basis.
Both of these methods have their roots in Yoga and Ayurveda. If you are not experienced in Yoga or Ayurveda You might have not heard about these powerful methods of cleaning your body.
How to do cleanse method on daily basis.. I am going to give you very simple method even simpler than I described in my report. Here’s What to do.
The moment You wake up in the morning, Drink 2 glasses of Luke warm water. Then walk for 500 steps while breathing deeply into your Diaphragm. That’s it. In less than 5 minutes You’ll feel bowel movements.
In my Free report I am expanding on both Cleansing methods.I suggest you to use these two tips from Today onwards and See the difference Yourself.