Fix Your Problem with Food

1) Problem: Your knees ache
Prescription: A bowl of lightly steamed, mixed vegetables 3 times a day.
The more cooked vegetables you eat, the lower your risk of developing arthritis, says Greek study. Researchers analysing the diets and health of 330 people found that those who ate the most cooked vegetables were 75 less likely to develop arthritis and those who consumed the least. One possible reason: Heat destroys the vegetables’ cell walls, allowing your body to absorb more of the nutrients that would otherwise pass through your system.
2) Problem: Your gums bleed when you brush your teeth
Prescription: An Amla daily
Inflammed gums hurt, and they can also mean you aren’t getting enough vitamin C. When you don’t get enough C, collagen in your body starts to break down. And that process starts in your gums. Amla has the maximum vitamin C among fruits.
3) Problem: The world is a constant blur
Prescription: An egg a day
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Prescription: Eight glasses of water throughout the day
Instead of sucking on breath mints, keep a bottle of water by your side. Bad breath is caused by sulfur compounds in your mouth, and sipping water frequently helps wash away those compound and trigger the production of breath-neautrilizing saliva.
5) Problem: You have high blood pressure
Prescription: A glass of orange juice and a glass of milk daily.
Increasing the amount of potassium and calcium in your diet will significantly lower your blood pressure, whether it’s elevated or not. The minerals protect your kidneys from high levels of sodium, a known hypertension risk. Milk provides the calcium while orange juice is a good source of potassium and vitamin C.
According to English researchers, people with the most vitamin C in their bloodstreams are 40 per cent less likely to die of heart disease than people with lower levels of nutrients.
6) Problem: You’re starting to go bald
Prescription: Lean mutton
According to a study from Australia, men who ate lean cuts of red meat were less likely to go bald than those who ate fatty cuts of meat. Another plus: Red meat is an excellent source of zinc. Not getting enough zinc can lead to sudden hair loss.
7) Problem: Your LDL has gone to hell
Prescription: An apple a day.
Natural antioxidants in apples help reduce your risk of heart disease. Researchers at the University of California had 25 men and women drink a glass of apple juice everyday for 6 weeks. At the end of the trial, it took 20 per cent longer for bad LDL cholesterol in the volunters’ blood streams to oxidize and cause trouble. The longer it takes for cholesterol to oxidize, the lower your overall risk of heart disease.
8) Problem: Everyone but you ha a cold
Prescription: As much garlic as you can stomach
The second you notice that familiar tickle in your throat, pop a clove of garlic. Garlic has powerful antiviral properties that fight infections. Just a couple of cloves of garlic, mixed into food, will jump-start your immune system and improve your chances of fighting off an illness. If you have to continue the garlic-heavy diet for more than a few days, stick to tomatoey foods or drink a glass of tomato juice with each meal. Acids in the tomatoes will neutralize the odour-causing oils in the garlic.
9) Problem: You’ve got diarrhoea
Prescription: A glass or two of wine
Milk of Magnesia should have been the obvious recommendation, but it tastes awful. According to one study, drinking a glass or two of wine is just as effective at controlling diarrhoes as taking a single dose of most over-the-counter remedies because of a compound called bismuth subsalicylate found in high levels in both red and white wine. The substance appears to prevent diarrhoea by slowing or stopping the growth of bacteria like Salmonella and E.coli before tehy can make you any sicker.
10) Other Problems you can cure with Food ( But not by eating it)
Repair Dry Skin: Try rubbing a small amount of sesame or corn oil over dry skin on your hands or feet, to add moisture and seal it into the area.
Treat Poison Ivy: Got Itching? Get milk. Soaking a kerchief in cold milk and then holding it on your skin will dry out the rash of poison ivy and help ease the itch.
Soothe a Sunburn: To stop the itch and burn, mix together a bit of dry oatmeal and cool water. Make it slightly slushier than if you were going to eat it, and spread the mixture carefully on your sunburned skin. This will relieve the pain and help reduce swelling.