Constipation Cures Exposed!

If you’re suffering from constipation, you are no doubt looking for some answers to bring relief. Treatments for constipation vary with the type of constipation from which you’re suffering. Most people do not know that they should have 1 bowel movement for each meal they eat. At a minimum people should have two bowel movements daily.
If you experience constipation for more than 1 week, you should consult your healthcare provider to determine the cause of your problem. Most people are suffering as a result of lifestyle changes and choices. For some people, though, constipation can signal a more serious problem such as a bowel obstruction or even colon cancer. If your bowel movements smell foul it is your body giving you a warning signal! Listen to your body.
If you’re diagnosed with a bowel obstruction, you and your physician will have to make a decision about appropriate treatment. If you’re suffering from constipation as a result of lifestyle, there are several treatment options for you.
Changing your diet. People who have chronic constipation will almost certainly need a change in diet. Increasing the amount of fiber in the diet can help relieve chronic problems with constipation. Eating raw fruits and vegetables, brown wild rice, flaxseeds, bran and whole grain cereals will provide a good source of fiber.
Adding exercise. It’s also important to increase the amount of activity you’re getting. Starting an exercise program can help regulate your bowels. Exercise can be as simple as taking a brisk 20 minute walk every morning of evening.
Keeping your body hydrated. People who suffer from constipation are often dehydrated. Make sure to drink 6-8 glasses of purified water each day. Avoid tap water!
Tap water can contain harmful chemicals, viruses and bacteria. I recommend adding raw organic apple cider vinegar to the water you drink. Organic apple cider vinegar has been used for centuries as a remedy for all sorts of health problems.
Check your medications. Many medications are the cause of constipation. Check with your healthcare provider to make sure that you’re not making your problem worse with prescriptions. Be aware that there are natural alternatives available if you know where to find them. A good source of information and high tech natural alternatives to prescription drugs and surgery can be found at
Click here for more information on How to Fix Liquid Detected in Lightning Connector on iPhone: Fix in seconds. Or click here if you’re looking for information on Best Vacuum for Pet Hair 2022: 10 Best options to get rid of Dust, Dander and HairHerbal remedies. Many herbal supplements are designed to aid in constipation. If you decide to try an herbal remedy, make sure that you talk with your physician first. Some herbal remedies interfere with prescription medications you may be taking. We suggest the following: Pure aloe vera, ginger, senna, yerba mate. The best is a concentrated green formula such as “Perfect Food OM” manufactured by Garden of Life.
Improve your bowel habits. Try to go the bathroom at the same time every day, after meals and as soon as you feel the urge. Give yourself enough time to go to the bathroom. Never, Never hold in a bowel movement.
Cleanse the colon weekly. It may be a good idea to begin a colon-cleansing program every week that will help remove impacted feces from the large intestine. It’s best to participate in a program, such as using oxygen colon cleansers such as “Oxy-Powder”, that is non-invasive and will not remove the good bacteria in the large intestine. Oxy-Powder will also deliver oxygen into your system. This is the secret used by the stars in Hollywood.
It’s always best to seek the advice of a healthcare professional before beginning any treatment option. Everyone’s body is a little different. You’ll want to make sure that your treatment choice is safe and will be effective for your body.
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