Are Fat Burners Like Hoodia Gordonii Effective Or Useless?

Fat burners like hoodia gordonii are everywhere with each one being promoted as the best fat burners ever.
Let’s face it most of us, possibly you included, want to drop excess weight and have probably been tempted by the various fat burning pills available. You may have already tried some and had varying degrees of success.
By now you have likely heard all about hoodia gordonii. It’s the latest in a long line of so-called wonderful discoveries that is supposed to give you the physical results you want, by getting rid of your excess weight without all the usual hard work and dedication.
But are fat burners that contain this new ingredient any better or any worse than all the others? Is it really as good as they say? Is it even possible for it to work? Are there any side effects?
Well let’s take a look at it and find out.
One Study Has Shown That It May Be Able To Reduce Hunger Pains Quite Substantially…
When trying to drop any excess pounds through a reduced calorie diet or simply by avoiding all the so-called bad foods, hunger pains are usually one of the biggest initial hurdles to get over. For a lot of people the hunger pains are so great that they give up within a couple days.
One study has been used quite extensively in the marketing of many fat burners that contain Hoodia Gordonii. This study set out to try and show that this new ingredient could help people drop a substantial amount of weight through appetite suppression.
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Their conclusions were that the active ingredient in Hoodia Gordonii may be able to tell a persons brain that their stomach is full. Of course reducing hunger pains will go a long way in helping people to naturally drop some body weight.
But keep in mind, if you curb your hunger pains too much and don’t eat the food you need, such as protein, you will lose lean muscle mass. This will slow down your metabolism and cause even more weight problems in the future.
So was it really an accurate study?
Where Did Hoodia Gordonii Come From?
Well in short, it’s an African cactus that grows primarily in the Kalahari desert. Legend has it that the bushmen of this part of the world have eaten Hoodia Gordonii for thousands of years with no negative side effects.
It should be pointed out however, that the bushmen only occasionally use Hoodia Gordonii. No one yet knows if there will be any negative side effects if it’s used daily for an extended period of time.
Many more studies are indeed needed to know for sure.
Now, Will Any Fat Burners Containing Hoodia Gordonii Help You With Your Weight Problem?
A certain molecule known as P.57 is apparently what’s responsible for a reduction in hunger when taking some fat burners that contain hoodia gordonii. Tests conducted on both humans and animals have shown similar results.
There has been at least one study that has demonstrated that someone can decrease their appetite by as much as 40%. But as mentioned before, this isn’t always a good thing, even when trying to lose extra pounds.
Here is another interesting point. It appears that the P.57 molecule responsible for a reduction in hunger does not work if your diet consists of high carbohydrates, sugary foods or when your hunger is caused by physical exercise.
High carbohydrates and too much processed sugar are some of the reasons most people are overweight in the first place. So if it doesn’t help your tendency to overeat these types of foods, what use is it?
A lot more testing on the effectiveness and safety of hoodia gordonii and fat burners that contain it, are needed. It’s also been reported that not all fat burners that claim to contain Hoodia Gordonii are prepared the same.
The active ingredient in many fat burners containing hoodia is not enough to give you the results you want so if you’re going to try it, select carefully.
Make no mistake about it…the only way to get in the best shape of your life is to change your habits. Start exercising, eat properly and only when you have these areas covered should you attempt to add in any supplement.
Just because you suppress your appetite doesn’t mean that you will lose what you want to lose. No product should be used as an alternative to exercise, good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.