Why “Awareness Programs” Stink!

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I am writing this article at the risk of stepping on a lot of toes! Hopefully you do not have a guilty conscience!
How many letters do you get in your mailbox every week from another awareness program either begging you for money or asking you to participate in an event to help raise awareness? The big ones are the Walks for Breast Cancer awareness, the American Heart Association walks, the American Diabetes Association walks, the Cancer Society, and the list goes on. Just about every foundation has some sort of event that they use for fundraising under the guise of raising awareness about whatever disease they support.
I have a fundamental problem with these events. While I believe that it is good to make people aware of these diseases, I often wonder where all of that money goes. Does it go to fund more useless drug research? Does it go to families that have been affected by these diseases?
What I am sitting here wondering is why is there no solution to these problems yet? Why are the rates of nearly all diseases at an all time high? No awareness of the real cure to these diseases yet? The current way of doing things is simply not working. With the billions of dollars poured into these organizations every year, there is no excuse for the cure to be unknown, yet somehow people still believe that there will be some miracle cure in convenient pill form for breast cancer.
It’s not gonna happen!
Save your money because the cure is simple and extremely inexpensive! For years, there have been doctors out there curing people of diseases like breast cancer, Type II diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, and all other forms of cancer. It is happening this minute as you read this. And no other cure has been found whose success rates even come close to those cured through the simplest cure of all, changing your lifestyle! According to the Surgeon General, 70% of all deaths by diseases are preventable through lifestyle change. My guess is that number is closer to 90%.
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Why do I feel like I am the only person upset about this? I don’t know how many of you are familiar with the story about how the Komen Foundation began. The beginnings are admirable, but I am sure that the founders expected the rates of death to decrease with the rise in awareness. So why haven’t the rates of death decreased? That is simple. Because their efforts have been misguided for many years by the interests of big food industries and the medical research community!
The truth is, if you will stop feeding yourself and your family nutrient-devoid processed foods, stop indulging in all of those dairy products, (whose manufacturers and marketers so kindly on one hand donate money to cancer research and on the other propagate the disease single-handedly), stop feeding your family meats that cause disease and are filled with saturated fat and cholesterol, then we can wipe these diseases off the face of the earth!
But apparently there is no money in the truth.
Start educating yourselves because there appears to be no foundation whose purpose is to find the truth and educate the masses about the truth. Their efforts are tainted with the stink of the dairy and meat industries money. Start searching for information to lead you to the truth. Don’t buy into the lies and deception of the big money drug manufacturers. There is not now, nor will there ever be, a lab technician smarter than our Creator. Look to Him for your miracle cures because He has provided us with them.
You can find a wealth of information on how to eliminate disease and lose weight through our programs offered from our website at http://www.takebackyourhealth.org. You can also search the work of Dr. John McDougall, and Dr. Joel Fuhrman. These individuals are changing lives, and curing people.
There is no reason for 70-90% of the diseases that plague our nation to exist. We have control. We have the control NOW! Today! Why should we keep paying for researchers to search for a magic pill while we watch our loved ones be wiped out by preventable diseases!
My advice to you would be, the next time you get a solicitation in the mail from anyone of these organizations is to send them a letter stating that you will be happy to support their organization when they start teaching the truth!