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The Principle of Balance is most important thing, My research Study based on the balance of senses for balanced Brain. How our senses are responsible for level concentration, Balance of Brain & flow of Hormones? How we can control, manage & enhance our power of senses for sound brain functioning.
Yoga is strongly associated with Brain. One of the supreme meaning & essence of yoga is to “CONTROLLING our six SENSES” & “BALANCING” them.
It is an natural phenomenon that our senses get attracted towards the external subject in outer World (sound, smell, test, etc.) and hence we need to redirect them on a single point in our mind. In yoga this redirection process of senses is called as “PROCESS OF RESTRAIN”.
Process of Restrain helps us to increase CONCENTRATION and reduces instability of Brain, and can provide balanced resource to the internal body requirements.
When our senses travel in the outer world they find there-self subject (e.g. nose finds smell, Ear – Sound, etc.) & get linked with them. Then the mind becomes fickle & inconsistent and sometimes it get carried away by the senses as by itself.
The WAVY nature of the mind is highly dependent on the instability of senses. While using Process of Restrain, you asked to close your eyes so that you will not able to communicated with the outer world of color & light. You asked to shut your ears to avoid the outer noise. You asked to control, maintain & normalize your breath to control your impulses. This is in order to prevent the increase in Nervousness, Anxiety or restlessness in brain and to gather all senses together in the brain.
To stabilize the restless brain processes it has to be settled & manage in a single point to enable, restore & rejuvenate your concentration level. As it gets set on a single point, your concentration power increases “LEVEL OF CONCENTRATION MAKES YOUR FOCUS MORE BROADER & WIDER” that’s why ‘Michael Shumaker’ sees critical turns as simple one, That’s why ‘Sachin Tendulkar’ sees a small cricket ball as a bigger one. More the Balance of senses means more the balanced flow of hormones & balanced responses form the Brain.
As level of concentration increases, it turns resultant & senses get managed more effectively & impact-fully, then neither the Brain nor the body will create any problems.
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Now lets focus on thoughts generated by brain. Brain can control our flow of thoughts, by using the process of restrain to regulate & normalize them in right direction.
In Brain, To think and imagine is a function of a conscious mind & the unconscious mind controls & determine the way we behave.
All our emotions are linked with it and our problems are related to our behavior & behavior is also linked with our senses. (you can’t concentrate when your sense of smell is running in kitchen.)
Most of the problems are related to the emotional conditions or produced by the emotional conditions rather than physical one. For instance, intensity of depression causes overeating or over addiction of many or specific thing and then more problems arise. So, it’s obvious that balanced brain processing will have balanced emotions.
For Instance – Arranging the matchstick stylishly can turn into the artistic design.
But single stick isn’t attractive. Similarly, our brain can produce effective things in brain itself and in the systems that are connected with brain just by managing & balancing our 6 senses together; ultimately we are balancing brain processes.
Conclusion is that, controlling and balancing the senses can provide overall balance in the brain and on and in the body.
In most of the meditations, they are using derived supreme concept form yoga i.e. process of restrain for better results. Balance your senses today.
Thanks for your time consideration
Nilesh Gore