TMSDP London builders: how a small bathroom becomes a large bathroom. Part2.


After setting the illumination and selecting optimum colours for the bathroom, we will pass on to finishing materials.

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Illusion of texture.
After setting the illumination and selecting optimum colours for the bathroom, we will pass on to finishing materials.

The basic rules of designers are as follows:

1. Any line in the interior divides the area in two halves.

2. Large elements in the small room visually diminish it.

3. Horizontal lines increase the premise width, but diminish its height. Vertical lines have the opposite effect.

Now we will be more specific.

Up to now, the most popular finishing material for the bathroom is tiles. They are beautiful, comfortable and practical. But tiles have one peculiarity – the joints between separate tiles. According to the paving technology, it is impossible to do without them. In such cases the colour of the grout for these joints is to be maximally close to the basic colour of the tile. It allows to avoid a great number of horizontal and vertical lines.

The second rule is relevant not only to furniture and sanitary equipment, but also to the size of tiles, paved on the floor and walls. For little premises it is better to use the mosaic or tiles of the smallest possible size.

The third rule is the universal rule of stylists and designers. It is the same for clothes and design of the room. If you want to make the room wider – use horizontal stripes, if you want to make it higher – use vertical stripes. But do not forget rule number one.

Through the Looking Glass.
A mirror is an indispensable thing in a bathroom. In fact, it occupies almost no space, but extends the walls. It is the optimal decision for increasing the area of small rooms. So it not only widens the room, but also reflects the light.

Designers use a fascinating method for further optical increase in the area. They hang mirrors opposite each other. And if the mirror wall increases room only by two times, two mirrors extend the bathroom infinitely.

Furniture and sanitary equipment.
The more the number and size of the furniture, the smaller the premise. This principle is very plain and easy to understand. But if we can’t do without furniture, perhaps, it is possible to solve the problem. Try to use furniture from glass.

Do you want to have the chair in the bathroom? No problem, just choose the chair with thin legs and a transparent back. But it will be better to replace the chair by a light stool or ottoman. There are models that are screwed to the wall and occupy even less space.

You want to place household chemical goods somewhere, but the closet occupies a lot of place. Hang up open shelves on walls. The vertical shelf will raise the ceiling, the horizontal one will extend walls. Do not make wide shelves, the depth 15-20 cm will be quite enough for you.

Think, maybe you will remove the stand from under the sink and replace it by something less bulky. Now a great number of variants are available. For example, a small bathroom sink occupy the minimum space. Such a sink has the same advantage and disadvantage – its size. And when the water is flowing from the tap at high pressure, your floor can be wet as if in the swimming pool. The next optimum variant with regard to size is the hanged sinks. Its pipes can be built into the wall and do not occupy space. The next variants are sinks on a pedestal and semi-pedestals.

What occupies the greatest amount of space in our bathroom? Certainly, it is the bath. So we have one more standard method of increasing the bathroom – to replace the bath with a shower cabin. For greater visual increase of the room, try to select a cabin with maximally transparent walls or keep cabin doors open.

What shall we do with the lavatory pan? We know well the standard models of w.c. pans, as well as the amount of space they occupy. But there are more compact models. These are lavatory pans with a hidden side, i.e. floor or suspended pans. A new model is corner lavatory pan, someone may find it optimal.

Little cunnings for extension the area.
Specialists say that a bathroom is the room, where one can stay on their own. Since his attention is not occupied by anything else, he starts scrutinising the interior. Nothing can irritate the individual more and even more diminish the area as disorder in this interior. It makes the little premise smaller.

The followings small pieces of advice will help to extend the area:

1. Build in all pipes into walls yet on the stage of repair in the bathroom.

2. Try not to hang towels all over the bathroom as sails, after drying it will be better to roll them and store somewhere on the shelf.

3. If you like to decorate your bathroom, instead a multitude of small things use one, but of larger size.

4. Keep balance, do not encumber shelves by cosmetics (it is recommended not to keep it in the bathroom) and other nice trifles.

5. Remove everything what is possible to remove from the field of vision. Take some time for bringing the linen closet in order. Remove things, which you no longer need, from the shelves. Vacate the space for things that are permanently needed and used.

6. If you have a bath and use curtain for douche, use the curtain of the light colour, maximally light and transparent. After taking the douche, do not close the bath by the curtain, but move it to the wall.

7. If you have a window in the bathroom, try to extend it, beautify it by the light tulle and let the sunlight into the premise. This improvement will allow you to place the flower in the bathroom, but it must be moisture-resistant.