Stubborn Obesity is Immune! Naturopathic Research Says Lose the Weight and the Guilt: Gain Immunity

In the weight loss industry, it is often reported that some 70% of clients are ‘repeat offenders’ or Recidivists. What can we glean from this startling statistic?
A) We are all terribly weak willed, B)We are all incredibly lazy, C) We are all very gullible to food advertisers OR D) Somewhere we got it all wrong!…We suggest the latter.
We’ve spent well over $45,000 in an effort to totally objectify our work over some 7 years now and our research suggests that up to 53% of those struggling with weight issues are NOT very LAZY, do NOT necessarily overeat and are not all that gullible. In fact, most need our sympathy and NOT our derision or abuse for IF the immune system is immune related, then IT IS A DISEASE!
In truth these folk need our understanding, by the bucket-load!!!
SO Lose the guilt, lose the weight AND regain your IMMUNE SYSTEM… Please Read on.
Weight balance now becomes the side-effect of ‘growing the cellular immune system of your body’ NOT an effect of Mind-set or Willpower to ‘force’ weight-loss/balance… For indeed you may achieve tens of kilos in weight loss by becoming the equivalent of an ‘Olympic athlete’ BUT when you’ve reached your goal weight but realise you want your life back seeing there is more to it than spending 2-4 hrs daily in the gymnasium- or at the track WHAT HAVE YOU CHANGED? Nothing-but-YOUR-MIND!
Sooner or later your-underlying-physiology-will-revert-to-the-old-you unless you can reclaim your ideal cellular health especially if you don’t know how to build your gut immunity & use immune positive foods to maintain it forever thereafter.
“Have you ever wondered why Doctors tell us Obesity itself is powerfully related to the ‘big 4’ illnesses of Diabetes, Arthritis, Breast/Bowel cancer & Heart disease?”
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Diabetes IS officially classified as an Auto-immune disease.
Arthritis IS officially classified as an Auto-immune disease.
Breast & Bowel cancer are both MAJOR immune related illnesses.
Heart-Disease is officially NOT classified as an immune disease YET. However since 1999 both Scandinavian & more recently even USA studies are beginning to powerfully link the immune-system even here too. So much so that we believe by the year 2010 Medical science will begin to classify it in the same category as these first three illnesses above.
But it seems the doctors who make those Obese-Diabetes-Arthritis-Cancer-Heart statements themselves JUST-CANNOT-SEEM-TO-JOIN-THE-DOTS. Puzzling, isn’t it? ….
In light of the above, my job as a Naturopath now is quite simple. Work out just what is it that is interfering with our immune systems! Hmmm, not so easy or even straight-forward.
However the past 7 years have elucidated the 8 following areas, mostly as you will see are, directly attributable to the complex world we all live in being:
Genetic patterns,
What we do to ourselves with diet and drugs of addiction,
What Doctors do to us with drug side effects,
What Dentists do to us; Root canals, Amalgam metals, etc,
Ill-effects of Radiation; X-ray, Microwave foods, Nuclear, etc,
NOT being breast-fed properly as an infant,
Chronic spinal issues (Just ask your chiropractor),
Foreign bodies such as Gall/Kidney stones, Surgical/cosmetic implants, etc.
BY FAR, the most common areas as they relate to obesity is the first 5, esp. the first 3 listed above.
What can we do about this?
AS to genetics? Our ‘Colostrum-milk extract(ALF)capsules’ will clear this at around 10% per week. As to Diet? We can give you the immune positive foods and immune negative foods to employ and use ALF to revive damaged gut cells. As to prescription drugs? We can tell you which to try and reduce over time. Again, the ALF revives gut drug damaged cells. As to Dentists? Please seek out a biological dentist in your area to measure your metals in your mouth. As to Radiation? Reduce if you can- Micro-waved foods, X-ray exposure, excess Mobile phone radiation, Move out of radius of Nuclear power stations if possible, Deep-screen computer exposure, Even your solarium could be dangerous too.
Finally, because the bulk of my work as a naturopath deals with immune issues OTHER than weight such as asthma, arthritis, allergies, sinusitis, yeast infections, eczema, etc then this new obese-immune information has also helped me help them too.
In conclusion, this immune information may also lead us to understand tissue regeneration AND possibly even tissue rejuvenation. Why? Because the capacities for regeneration & even tissue rejuvenation will lie in the integral capacity of your body to organise itself into a high degree of order. Which in itself is a property of the immune system too. It’s called reorganization.
As it turns out, the same ALF capsules, mentioned above, in time, will likely help your body exhibit these properties too.
Post script. We write the above NOT to shock or even threaten you. But, simply to inform. If you want more info check our website