Respect Your Food

Always give thanks for the food you are about to eat and all things you receive, the information found here and form other sources has been given to you to investigate and utilize (once you have found it to be credible) in order for you to improve or enhance your physical and spiritual bodies. The Most High guides us in all we do, we may think we have a plan, but the Most High is the best of all planners, if you are reading this now, think of the relevance of the information therein to your life, health and well being.
Food like all other things in existence has energy, a vibration. When you are eating try and visualize the energy of the food you are eating entering your body and carrying out it’s function. Sometimes we do this subconsciously; when we are really hungry and finally sit down to eat some of mum’s Sunday dinner, we really feel the food going down and appreciate the wonderful tastes and smells sliding through our body’s and filling our tummy’s. You feel satisfied, nourished and full. It feels so good you sometimes even start humming to yourself and rubbing your belly. This is what food is meant to do for us, momentary pleasure from a quick snack will normally wear off in about half an hour leaving you hungry and unsatisfied. When you know that you are about to eat a good meal, you start salivating, this is important for the digestion process the begin, if the food tastes good, you feel happy and your body will naturally relax allowing a proper follow of blood to your digestive system so that you digest it properly. Most people who are able to get a good satisfying meal a day find that is all they really need, snacks are few and far between, if they are necessary at all, they are normally of a good standard. Respect your body enough to give it the best at all times. Restrictions of money will not last forever unless you want them too. Don’t use lack of money as your continuing excuse for not improving your health because medical bills will be more expensive. Health doesn’t always mean you buy the most expensive foods, you simply by the best quality, this can mean you grow your own vegetables, herbs and fruit if you can so you know its organic, this is also cheaper. Make your own juices, eat foods that have the vitamins and minerals you need instead of buying supplements, put your energy into preparing you meals. There is a great sense of satisfaction in knowing that you really KNOW what you are eating and you had a small role in preparing it, remember to always give thanks to the creator for it first as his role was the greatest.
Everything that happens on earth happens in our bodies, every quality that the earth has, the universe has also. We therefore can not wish to become one with the planet and mother nature if we have impure bodies. The food that we eat is what our bodies are composed of, through the various stages of the passage of food through our bodies; much of the food becomes a part of us therefore we must seriously consider what we are eating.
Imagine for a moment if you will, if you could open your body to see what was inside it, what it was actually composed of. Imagine that the food you had eaten over the past year had actually becomes your internal organs. How would you like to find that your heart had become those diseased hamburgers that you insist on buying every time you passed the restaurants, your bones had become weak and thin like the fries and chocolate bars you get with your burgers, your lungs know resemble two steaks that are dripping in fat, your blood had become brown like the cola you get with you burger with the same amount of chemicals. Imagine how that would smell, feel and look. Now imagine how you would feel if you opened yourself to find that your heart had been replaced with a clean fresh bunch of red grapes, your bones were now study carrots, your lungs were two pineapples and you blood was crystal clear fresh water. This is only an analogy obviously but not far from the truth, and a useful way of impressing in your minds the difference between the condition of a junk food slaves diet and the insides of one who cares for themselves. Just because we can’t see the magnificent work of engineering that is our body, given to us by the Most High, doesn’t mean you should ignore it until it gives us a warning that there is something wrong in the form of pain. Remember, respect your body, your food and yourself, naturally.
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