Panic Attacks And Anxiety Disorder: A More Natural Approach

Many people ask me how I cured my panic attacks and anxiety disorder naturally. I am going on one year now of being completely panic free. I am always willing to share my information freely. My only hope is to reach others in need of help and information on panic attacks, GAD, and similar disorders. In order to understand panic attacks and anxiety, one must first understand the definitions and sypmtoms associated with panic and anxiety.
Definitions and Symptoms:
Panic Attacks Panic Disorder Anxiety
GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder) Agoraphobia
My personal story may be similar to yours or your loved ones. It is for this reason that I started researching a more natural approach to curing my panic disorder and GAD. I simply had to have a more natural approach for my disorder because of my allergies to many medications.
In order to cure my panic attacks, I had to undergo a “lifestyle change”. This was “key” in my management of my disorder. These are really simple factors that I changed in my life to help cure my panic attacks and GAD.
1. I cut out caffeine from my diet. Caffeine was used in studies to help induce panic attacks.
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4. I added vitamins to my diet. Certain vitamins and combinations of vitamins help to ease and reduce stress levels.
5. Water is essential. I try to get at least 8 glasses of water per day. I found it helpful to buy bottled water. My family has all really taken to it as well. They even have child size bottled waters.
6. Get Plenty of sleep. Your body naturally heals itself during sleep. I read a study that suggests sleeping between the hours of at least 10:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. is beneficial to your health.
a. Read a good book. Try reading a good book for about 15 minutes prior to falling asleep. Preferably a non anxiety filled book with lots of action or intense subject matters.
b. Do not think about your problems. This can be a very good reason your not sleeping and a good reason why you might have more panic attacks at night. This may sound funny, but sometimes I sing the Hokey Pokey in my head over and over again until I fall asleep.
7. Get more sunlight. Not just fresh air, but actual sunlight. I try to get at least 30 minutes of sunlight per day. It really helps. I immediately feel better. It’s very calming.
8. Take some relaxation time for yourself. Definately treat yourself to a nice message, take a warm bath, take a walk, take up yoga its very relaxing and healthy.
9. Try a chiropractor. So far, the biggest factor in my treatment has been chiropractic therapy. I have shared my chiropractic experiences with others and found many positive results from others who have gone to chiropractic therapy. Before you discount it, my chiropractor only charges $35.00 per session if you don’t have insurance!! This is as cheap if not cheaper than a message. I started out going three times per week for a while and then gradually cut back. I read an article on chiropractics and panic attacks. Chiropractics was used to treat mentally ill patients at one time and they saw good results. If I feel stress or panic related symptoms I immediately go to my chiropractor and the symptoms are relieved that same day.
10. If your a female, don’t discount hormones. Read about PMD, a medical condition similar to PMS, it’s symptoms include panic attacks. Talk to your doctor if you suspect this.
11. Understand panic attacks and that’s the key! Research the fight or flight responses to understand panic attack more in depth.
12. Exercise. Now I’m not talking about a major workout here. Yoga seems to be very calming and relaxing, you might check into it. You can even buy a yoga DVD or VHS and do this in the comfort of your own home.
13. Reduce Your Stress Levels. Find what works for you.
Some of the lifestyle changes took me a while to see results. Results occurred little by little. I had to work at all the areas in order to receive positive results. Some areas worked quicker than others for instance number 11 worked almost immediately. And number 9 seems to work in about 2-3 weeks of 3 times per week, but these results were drastic changes. Your results may vary. I make no claims that any or all of these will work for you. However, I can only claim that they have done wonders for me and I am now panic free for about 1 year now after implementing these lifestyles changes into my life. As far as a cure for panic attacks, I can only say that it has worked so far. I wish you well and hope that my story has helped you in your quest for the knowledge that you seek. Remember, stay positive, you can overcome this.