Let’s Talk About Impotency

Many men are experiencing problems getting rock hard erections. There are three ways that men can get over this, penis enlargement pills, viagra or natural enlargement techniques. All three will help with the problem. Below you will find an article which discusses viagra and one mans problem with impotency.
Today, I got a chance to talk to Simon Ellison 35, about over coming one of mans worst fears: ‘Erectile Dysfunction’ (ED).
EA: Hiya Simon, Would you like to introduce yourself?
SE: Certainly. I’m Simon Ellison I’m 35 years old and have been impotent for the last 6 years.
EA: 29 seems fairly young?
SE: Yes, but I blame it on my job. I’m in the Navy- very high up. My job although very enjoyable- is very stressful. It takes a lot out of me. At the time I was married- I’m divorced now. Due to work and ED my marriage went down hill. Looking back- that could have been a good thing…(sighs) but it’s still a shame.
EA: How did your condition make you feel?
SE: ED made me feel very weak. I had no confidence- this feeling quickly spread to other parts of my life- my marriage and work began to suffer. Everyone began to notice the change in me.
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EA: Worried…
SE: I was worried about my wife……wondering when she would notice…..waiting for her to say something about the situation…wondering whether she’d go elsewhere
EA: What was the worst thing for you about the situation?
SE: I am a person who is highly energetic- I love to be involved in everything and anything is a challenge-I don’t give up till I succeed. Can you imagine what it was like finding out I was impotent? Finding that a part of me didn’t work was so hard-and it happened when I was fairly young-that made the situation worst-it affected everything- my job, my outlook-I became highly depressed-I felt I had no one to talk to. I became increasingly frustrated, both sexually and mentally. I knew I needed to take action-but it was so hard…..but it got a lot easier as time went on…..
EA: What was the first step you took?
SE: The first and probably the hardest step I took was admitting the problem to myself- after I had admitted this I could then go on to help myself.
EA: What about your partner?
SE: After I had admitted it to myself, I then went on to admit it to Mandy, my wife. This wasn’t actually that hard- by this time the situation had got so bad she had realised that something pretty serious must be up.
EA: How did she react?
SE: Mandy was fantastic. We are still great, close friends. We only divorced about 18 months ago. Mandy really supported me; she comforted me and totally took the lead. This was exactly what I needed-She told that it didn’t matter-I had done the hardest thing- admitting it her and myself and the rest would follow and fall into place.
EA: What happened next?
SE: From this point on Mandy took charge of me and looked after me. She told me that it didn’t matter and that we were a team…..that together we would fight and sort out the problem. Together we began researching into solutions…..We also went to see a councillor
EA: Did that help you?
SE: Yes, it did. It enabled me to put the whole thing in proportion. I realised that I wasn’t the only open who was suffering there are many more out there-not as lucky as I was. It also pointed me in the right direction. The councillor gave us many pointers as to what step to take next.
EA: What was that next step?
SE: Mandy and I began researching on the Internet. I’d heard of Viagra-but didn’t know anything about it-it just seemed to be the butt of everyone’s jokes. Mandy then suggested that we went to the Doctors-just to ask about it- to find out whether I was suitable candidate for the drug.
EA: Was it hard to take this step?
SE: No not really….by this time I’d already been to see the councillor. My Doctor has been my Doctor for the last 10 years- I see him as more of a friend than a Doctor. He helped me considerably. He explained all about Viagra and the pros and cons. He then screened tests to see if I was suitable for taking the drug-which I was!
EA: Go on….
SE: Well I started taking Viagra and the Viagra Experience just simply took hold of me. It was fantastic- it was like a new lease of life. Confidence came flooding back. It was like a second Honeymoon. That first night I was so nervous- it was so special it was like consummating our marriage all over again. I was warned that it might not work-but I had to give it a try-I’ll give anything a try once. I began to feel much more positive about myself-the change in my life has been amazing.
EA: Could you tell me about these changes?
SE: Mandy and I got divorced about 18 months ago. We’re still great friends and I will always be so grateful to her. We just out grew each other. I have a serious girlfriend at the moment, we live together. She’s 4 months pregnant- can you believe that? One drug has given me so much-it’s changed my life so much.
EA: Finally Simon, what’s your advice for other men?
SE: My advice is simple-just tell someone and take the first step. The results are life changing- my life is evidence of that…..