How Toxic Is Your Bathroom?

Be warned! Your daily beauty regime could be taking years off of your life. Most (99%) personal care products have not been safety tested. Your health may even be damaged due to the daily mixing of many different types of toxins in and on the body. On average, each of us uses 9 personal care products a day, containing a total of 126 different ingredients. When these chemicals are absorbed into the body, they can be stored in fatty tissue or organs (ie the liver, kidney, reproductive organs and brain). Medical research has proven that fragrances can trigger asthma; the detergents in shampoos can damage eye tissue; and that hair-dye chemicals can cause bladder cancer and lymphoma. If these problems had been linked to pharmaceutical drugs, the products would have been taken off of the market. However, since the cosmetics industry is largely self-governing, products containing potentially harmful substances remain in use and on sale. If you think that it can’t be that bad, then you need to consider what goes into some of the most popular toiletries.
Olay Regenerist claims to instantly improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. But what they don’t tell you is that in order to work, the product needs to be well absorbed, so it uses penetration enhancers which actually drive toxins deeper into your skin. This in turn leads to hormone disruptions, carcinogenic effects and skin irritation.
Clairol Herbal Essences Shampoo For Dry/Damaged Hair claims to provide you with a totally organic experience. But what they don’t tell you is that it also contains 4 potentially cancer-causing dyes, as well as synthetic fragrances that are known neurotoxins and skin irritants. This product can also permanently damage eye tissue, cause breast cancer, and chemicals that also cause the damaging chemicals to penetrate more deeply into skin and bloodstream.
Johnson’s Baby Soft Wash claims to be best for you and your baby. But what it doesn’t tell you is that it also contains skin and eye irritants and hormone disrupters. Since children’s skin is thinner and more absorbent than adults’, it provides a less effective barrier to these chemical toxins. Furthermore, you only get the mere impression of smoothness since there’s nothing in this product that actually smooths your skin.
Calvin Klein’s Eternity, as well as numerous other perfumes, contain the same neurotoxic solvents that are found in glues and adhesives, as well as the same volatile chemicals that are common in garages and factories. Perfumes also contain known neurotoxins, allergens, irritants and/or hormone disrupters.
Colgate Total claims to provide you with 12-hour fresh breath and antibacterial protection. But what it doesn’t tell you is that it also contains irritating detergents which can cause sore gums and mouth ulcers. It also contains abrasives which can erode tooth enamel. There are also carcinogens, and chemicals that can produce chloroform gas, which is easily absorbed into the skin or inhaled and can cause depression, liver problems and cancer.
Gillette Mach 3 Shaving Gel contains skin irritants, 3 potential carcinogens and 3 central nervous system toxins or pollutants.
Clairol Nice ‘N Easy claims to provide natural-looking color with complete grey coverage. But what they don’t tell you is that it can cause allergic reactions and has carcinogenic effects. In fact, intensive longer-term use is associated with breast, ovarian and bladder cancer, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, multiple meyeloma and rheumatoid arthritis.
Click here for more information on The Best Ways to Delete WhatsApp Images on the Laptop 2022. Or click here if you’re looking for information on What Does a Chest Compression Feedback Device Monitor 2022Listerine Teeth And Gum Defense claims to kill the germs that cause plaque and bad breath. But what it doesn’t tell you is that it is 21.6% alcohol and thatq alcohol dries and changes the pH of the mouth and throat and long-term use of alcohol-containing mouthwashes increases the risk of mouth and throat cancers. Listerine also contains ingredients that are poisonous if swollen, are known carcinogenics, and can alter the basic flora of the mouth and may cause dermatitis.