Health and Happiness, SELF TEST

First of all, examine yourself outwardly.
Look at your fingernails. Are they glossy? Do they appear nice and strong? How about your hair. It should be shiny and full of body. Now look at your tongue. Does it have a white coating on it or is it pink? Next your eyes: are they bright or dull…do they appear to be happy eyes or worried or lackluster? Do your eyes have brown flecks in them? If they do, those spots indicate injuries or malfunctions within your body…depending upon the location of the fleck.
How about your skin, which is your largest organ. Does your skin have bumps, moles of various colors, liver spots of varying sizes? Whatever is represented on your skin is represented upon your brain as well (except the spots there are at least twice as large). Do you have any evidence of jaundice (yellowish skin or eyeballs? orange skin or eyeballs?). If so, your liver has overflowed and the toxins are trying to exit your body through your skin!
Let’s consider your internal health.
How about your bowel movements? Do your bowels move after eating each meal or snack? (They should.) Do you have headaches? Are your headaches food related or stress related or reason unknown? Do you have digestive troubles: discomfort or pain or malfunction in your throat, esophagus, stomach, intestines, or rectum? Do you have parasite pain that you’re aware of? (All of us have parasites, usually about 3 pounds worth…) Are you in pain anywhere else?
Do you have a good appetite for natural and wholesome foods or do you crave sweets and packaged or fast foods? Do you drink pure water more than you drink anything else? Do you drink too many hot drinks and have to go pee often? Do you have habits you’d like to be rid of? Do you have repetitious thoughts that you can’t stop?
Are you full of vibrant energy, waking up each morning ready to live creatively and relate well with those around you? Are you tired at all? Do you feel physically awkward or are you agile?
And think about how you relate to others as well as what you think about yourself.
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Now I wonder what your self test has revealed about your outward health and your inner vibrancy? Where do you want to go from here? Do you want to address any of these issues…whether outward issues or inward physical issues or invisible spiritual type issues?
I hope you do. And I’ll tell you right up front that I’m a big advocate of brutal honesty with one’s self and with God. I talk out loud between me and God all the time. I lay it out very plainly for myself to hear at the same time I’m speaking to my Creator. Usually I walk in a place where I can be as loud as I want to and sound as crazy as I want to!
YOU do that too. I want you to address each shortcoming that you have, whether physical OR spiritual. Be transparent for your own sake. It feels so good to get it all out in the open. I think that’s because honest exposure leads to the next step: making a plan, resolving the issue, finding needed relief. Admit to yourself what has been niggling at the back of your mind: you need help! you have some physical problems that need to be solved before they turn into disease…you need to find sweet spiritual peace and happy freedom right on the inside of yourself! You need to take care because it’s just you and God alone in this universe. No one else really knows you and no one else is as responsible for yourself as you are. Don’t let your life slip by. Take action!
If I were you, for part of my recovery plan, I’d check into therapeutic essential oils for my body and my invisible parts. The oils affect our emotions and our personality as much as they do our physical bodies. Who really needs these therapeutic essential oils?

people who lack energy at any time but bedtime
people who work in the public where they’re exposed to germs
people who have back troubles of ANY kind
people who get worried and stressed
those of us who have small children
those of us who relate to one other person or a thousand others
those of us who need to pamper ourselves and relax
people of all ages, even little children and the very old
you, who have taken this self test and realize you have several different kinds of shortcomings

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