Has Chemical Overload Got You Tired And Sick? Could The Solution Be In The Plants, Flowers and Trees?

Since the beginning of our creation, the plants, flowers and trees have been with us. Even at our most primitive, we relied on them for their profound healing abilities. What has changed? Mostly, our lack of personal relationship with them. Our highly technical, over busy, media-drenched lives have us relying on quick fixes with artificial chemicals and antibiotic super bugs. This unnatural reliance combined with the unhealthy air and highly processed foods are all resulting in far less than vibrant health.
So, naturally, we search for what we intuitively feel is missing! Could it be in the plants, flowers and trees? Could the solution be in the natural world around us, which has nurtured and sustained us throughout our evolution?
After falling very ill in 1994, just walking down the detergent isle in the supermarket became a nightmare. Perfume sections and artificially scented candle isles, forget it! Confusion, severe debilitating pain, shortness of breath, nausea, headaches, and fatigue beyond belief became my constant companions. Searching for the cause and answers, my Dr. and several specialists put me through a battery of tests resulting in diagnosis of Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Mayo Facial Pain Syndrome, and Multi Chemical Sensitivities. I was so ill that I was pronounced permanently disabled and receive disability from my home in Canada.
My traditional doctor’s were unable to help me beyond giving me a prescription for a “Natural” substance to help me sleep. Their other “solutions” degraded my health further, rather than resolving any of my problems. Reading what Dr. Jean Valnet wrote, “Essential oils are especially valuable as antiseptics because their aggression towards microbial germ is matched by their total harmlessness to tissue—one of the chief defects of chemical antiseptics is that they are likely to be as harmful to the cells of the organism as to the cause of the disease.”(Dr Jean Valnet, 1980), I began to think that; maybe, my body’s ‘sensitivity’ was a reflection of my body’s inherent wisdom, rather than a reflection of its weakness.
Searching for some help and relief, I found an herbalist, who has been of great help to me. Still, pain was my constant companion. Unable to take any over-the-counter pain medication, let alone prescriptions, due to my chemical sensitivities, I tried essential oils. I had some minor success with headaches relief, until I tried Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils. And FINALLY, I found products that are giving me profound relief, without triggering my body’s sensitivities to un-natural chemicals! No additives or fillers, just the pure, therapeutic-grade, essential oil of the plants, flowers and trees.
This company uses impeccable extraction methods. They help with exhaustive and ongoing research with top experts in the field of Essential Oil therapeutic uses! All of this knowledge, care and sensitivity have produced the largest variety of therapeutic-grade essential oils in the world. What a resource me, people like me and for human kind in general!
The more I learn about and use these oils, the more relief I am finding. The ‘side effects’ of the pain relief include increased energy and better quality sleep.
Click here for more information on The Best 8 Quiet Blenders of 2022 With 14 Delicious Recipes. Or click here if you’re looking for information on 23 Best Heavy Duty Degreasers for your Home“European scientists have studied the ability of essential oils to work as natural chelators, binding with heavy metals and petrochemicals and ferrying them out of the body” (Essential Oil Desk Reference, Compiled by Essential Science Publishing).
I have also seen some profound benefits for family and friends.
“While helping friends with house construction, I was suffering from a very debilitating sinus headache. My friend had me use her Myrtle oil on my forehead, temples, under my nose and the sinus sites on the back of my head. I went back to work and within 15 – 20 minutes I happily realized that I was working as hard as ever and the headache and pressure was completely gone.” Char N.
“While helping friends, wash windows in their newly built house, my roommate and I were concerned about our arms being very sore since we both suffer from severe tendonitis. By the end of the day, both of our arms had started to hurt and ache. Since I had just purchased Idaho Balsam Fir oil I suggested that we apply some. We did that and the next morning we had NO discomfort what so ever. We even decided to continue to wash windows the next day for a couple more hours. Again we applied the Idaho Balsam Fir on our arms and again did not suffer any discomfort.”
Sandra R.
The opportunities for profound health benefits are almost endless. What would your life look like if you benefited like I did? I have had PROFOUND pain relief, a renewed sense of emotional well being, VIBRANT health and increased ENERGY.
The more I learn about the frightening effects of our overly artificial lifestyles, the more I realize each of us must take personal responsibility for our health. We must learn all we can and use our great intelligence, make informed choices, take care of our bodies with integrity, and question the effects of everything we take in through our mouth, skin, mind and breath.
Discover these organic products that are produced with the greatest of integrity, and meticulous attention to quality.
I am very excited to open the door through which you can gain greater health, vitality and relief. Learn more about therapeutic-grade essential oils with a FREE report at http://www.vibrantoils.com Join the journey of discovery that has made such a difference to me!