Essential Air Diffuser System

Why Use An Aromatherapy Diffuser?
We breathe 22,000 times a day, inhaling 400 cubic feet of air.
We spend 80% of our time indoors where air may be no cleaner than outdoors air. A diffuser is the easiest, most effective method of dispersing essential oils without altering their fragrance and therapeutic value. Diffused oils enhance the harmony and well being of body, mind and spirit.
Introducing the Ultimate Essential Oil Aromatherapy Diffuser
Aromatherapy diffusers have been around for a long time. But until now there has never been a diffuser like ESSENTIAL AIR. With it’s patented diffuser system it offers the most technically advanced method of delivering the benefits of Aromatherapy. Don’t expect it to resemble diffusers you may have seen…It doesn’t. It doesn’t perform like them either. It is truly a breakthrough in Aromatherapy diffusion employing
as it does some of the most recent finding in the field of biotechnology.
Essential Air offers many unique features:
The revolutionary Micro Diffuser – Adds a new dimension to diffusion. Because it is engineered to reduce essential oils to droplets as tiny as one micron, the oil actually becomes part of the air you breathe. So now you get the traditional benefits of breathing in the aroma which follows the olfactory pathway to the brain. But, in addition because you inhale the oils themselves which travel through the resistor system to the lungs you also quickly receive an over-all physiological benefit.
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Accident Proof – Great care has gone into making ESSENTIAL AIR a sturdy dependable appliance. This sleek compact design is weighted to discourage tipping or getting knocked over. Glass, (a dangerous breakage potential) is kept to a minimum. And especially important the diffuser itself has no metal parts that could crack or damage glass bottles. The essential oil containers themselves are secured in a deep well to avoid tipping or spilling.
Yet Another Breakthrough
Beyond Diffusion, our exciting new model, combines the healthful benefits of our ESSENTIAL AIR diffuser with the additional therapeutic of instrument pure air filtration. This exclusive mini-but-mightly air scrubber, incorporated into the ESSENTIAL AIR system serves as an intake filter that scrubs the air clean as it enters the unit. It intercepts pollen, bacteria, dust, smoke, smog, dander and even some viruses. Tests show it to be 93% efficient at 0.01 micron. When you consider that a human hair measures 70 microns you understand why we call this our mini-but-mighty scrubber.
How does this hygienic filter provide instrument pure air to combine with your essential oils? Its unusually advantageous performance is due to the unique filter medium, a random bed or borosilicate glass fibers, which attracts the offensive particles and holds them fast. They can’t be shaken loose or washed away. Unlike H.E.P.A. which need frequent cleaning, our filters need no care. These disposable filters will operate effectively for a year or more in normal use. That comes to less than 5 cents a day for instrument pure air.
In addition of our new air scrubber, Beyond Diffusion comes equipped with a three-way switch offering a broader selection of options: 1. 5 minutes on/25 minutes off timed release, 2. continuous diffusion, or 3. off.
Our patented diffuser with its sleek architectural look and elegant styling is designed to blend with any decor. A compact desk-top size, it can be placed practically anywhere. For those who prefer, a wall mount kit is available at an additional charge. This space saver is also a safety measure where there are small children.
ESSENTIAL AIR has been featured in national magazines and catalogs.
Gerald F. McCarthy holds a patent on the unique diffuser used in all ESSENTIAL AIR models.
Over the years McCarthy of Leyden House has accumulated seventeen patents in the field of energy and health related products. A speech pathologist by profession he was intrigued by the beneficial effects of natural healing and began searching for ways to deliver essential oils more effectively.
The Patented Diffuser of the Essential Air
He quickly realized that if essential oils could be absorbed into the respiratory system the benefits could be multiplied enormously. This meant moving beyond products that merely fragrance the air. He needed to develop a diffuser specifically designed to produce a mist of 1 to 5 microns – a range proven to be small enough to reach the lungs but not so small as to be immediately expelled. The patented micro-mist system is the result.