Are you thinking about replacing that old carpet. This article will help you discoverer the different types of carpet fibers. Maybe the carpet you have now is not the right carpet fiber.

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Choosing the right fiber is something that a person should consider before purchasing carpeting. Fibers can have more stitches per inch which means carpet twist density. The tighter the carpet twist the better quality the fiber for the carpeting is. Depending on the density and the level of twists in the fiber, this will account for the grade of the carpeting.

Warranty on the carpeting is another point to consider when shopping for carpeting. Polyester has a warranty of “Texture Retention, or “NO Matte No Crush” in the warranty. If the warranty does not have this, must likely it is a poor grade of carpeting. Make sure the warranty is one that is going to help you in case of default in the product. Polyester has a better stain resistant warranty then nylon fibers, which can be a great value.

Over 60% of Nylon is used to make carpeting and is well know of a product used in the carpeting fibers. Nylon has a high abrasion and stand up to resistant, strong retention, and great for high traffic area. Nylon will retain the shape once it walked on. Nylon also is a great value for your money. Well know companies such as Dupont, Allied Anso do test for performance, quality and durability.

For commercial carpets use Berber and polypropylene also known as olefin. Polypropylene has a great stain resiting. One problem with the carpet of Berber is polypropylene is a liquid to dye the fibers as the coloring goes though the fibers and is a petroleum base as with oil based stains will be hard to get out as some of the other stains. With light color Berber for high traffic areas might lead to stains from the feet as our feet contain oil and on this type of carpeting the oil will be in the fibers. Try staying with darker colors for a Berber carpeting.

The oldest carpet fibers are wool. Wool wears along time and feels comfortable. Soils and stains are a probley with wool is in humid areas wool will not stand up, can hold moisture with developing an odor.

Price of wool is very expensive, as wool carpets are not as common as in early years. Wool is great for great feel, and not much traffic. Then this would be a great choice.

Some carpets are made up of some of the fibers as others are make up of only one type of fiber.

When purchasing good quality carpet, check to make sure the carpet is made up of the fibers, such as nylon, Berber, wool and polyester. Polyester fiber is the best source for a carpet.

Depending on the area where the carpet is going to be laid at will depend on the fiber of the carpet. Remember cheap carpets are good but quality carpeting will save you money in the long run.