APC The Fascinating World Of Faucets


Faucets have always been a necessity and the only thing that has changed over the last couple of decades is the style, shape and size. We predominantly use faucets in our bathrooms as well as kitchens.


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There is a huge variety available in the market and you can either buy it from a hardware store or online. For example: you can purchase the full brass waterfall basin mixer faucet online. This is a multi-purpose faucet that can be used in a bathtub, sink, shower room, kitchen etc. Some of the salient features of the faucet include:

* Multi-purpose faucet but mainly that is available with a single handle
* Has a brass body and is chrome plated
* 40mm ceramic cartridge
* Flow at 3 bars: 20L/min bath-shower, 12L/min washbasin
* High comfort levels in terms of sensitivity, reliability, and temperature selection precision
* Acoustic level is at 3 bars, which is less than 20dB
* Comes with a five-year guarantee

If you are looking for something more stylish then the glass waterfall faucet will be a great idea. Basically there are so many different types of faucets available that you might even feel confused while shopping for one.

What to look for while buying faucets

So if you have decided that your home needs a remodeling and hence you will require replacing of the old standard faucets with new ones then there are several aspects that you would need to consider. Let us take a look at some of the aspects that will help you to choose the right faucet:

Material: The material of a faucet is important because it will determine how sturdy or durable the faucet will be. Some faucets are just stylish while others are stylish and durable. You will need to differentiate between the two. One of the important things that you need to check is the type of finish a faucet has. You will find faucets that are chrome polished, antique brass polished, satin nickel polished, acrylic polished, gold polished, copper, stainless steel, copper and a mix of both. Normally chrome and stainless steel faucets are known to be highly durable. Most of the kitchen faucets are available with a single lever, high arch, pullout spray, and offset handles among many others. The bathroom faucets also offer similar alternatives.

Quality: One of the most important aspects is quality. Don’t just look for the quality of the lever but look for the overall quality of the faucet before you purchase it. It shouldn’t happen that you buy 10 faucets and they last you 10 days. The type of faucets that you should normally avoid include the lightweight faucets that have plastic parts and the ones that washers for controlling the flow of water. Normally when you buy a faucet that uses washers, there is a high probability that the washers might get damaged and you will either have to change the washer if it is available to change the entire faucet. This is nothing but extra expenditure!

Style: Some people buy faucets because they need them and some people buy them to add to the overall décor of their home apart from the need factor. Today there are different types of styles and shapes that you can choose from. The things that you need to consider while choosing a faucet include:

* The type of handle that you want on your faucet like single handle or double handle
* A particular style that you prefer like a traditional style, contemporary style, glass style etc
* The overall finish that you want
* The actual requirements i.e whether you want to install it in your bathroom or kitchen
These days’ people choose faucets mostly to complement the architectural or style theme of their home or kitchen cabinets or bathroom tiles and walls. Some of the available faucet models are old-fashioned while others represent a modern sculpture. So when you are choosing a faucet you need to make sure the type of décor your home has. You wouldn’t want to buy a Victorian style to complement a modern kitchen because the faucet design will look totally out of place. The faucet needs to also fit the overall color theme if any of your home. You can’t install a red color faucet if the color theme of your home is blue.

You can even have the faucets custom made if you feel that the style you are looking for is not available in the market. The other thing that you can do is purchase the faucet body and handle separately based on your personal choice of colors or themes. There is a huge amount of choice available in faucets so when you go shopping think of your need first!